My Holiday Card Conundrum


Why is it that the holiday cards I receive from my family and friends always look so fabulous? The photos are colorful, the kids are smiling, even their dogs seem happy! Some friends use professional photographers; others make thoughtful collages of the year that has passed and describe the main events that have affected them. Whatever the type of holiday card, they almost always look put together. Even my sloppier, nonchalant friends manage to make their family photos look cool.

Every year in October, I prepare myself psychologically to take a beautiful picture of the four kids in cute matching outfits, smiling and all looking at meat the same time. Every year, I hope that I will achieve that elusive, beautiful, autumnal photo of the kids surrounded by colorful leaves. But just getting them to put on a matching outfit is a struggle, so I delay it, and October turns into November, November turns into December, and I begin to receive my first holiday cards! That’s when I really start to panic and try to get a decent picture of the kids. However, a picture of them lying on my bed in pajamas stained from dinner, eating popcorn does not qualify as a greeting card photo!

So I move on to plan B, rummaging through my 10,000-or-so iPhone photos to find the “gem” of a picture, or a least a decent one. By the first week of December, I have managed to pull a few pictures together. I often send the options to my mother and siblings to get their feedback, and of course they each have contradictory opinions. So, I end up ordering two different holiday cards. To make matters worse, I spend way too much time thinking about which people should get which card. I know that I should simplify my life and choose just one photo. The problem is that the second option always seems to be the best. So that is how I end up with two types of cards and a lot of wasted time and energy! This year I have ordered two different cards again…

Got to go now and write my holiday cards!.. But I would love to hear your view on what makes a great holiday card. It may help me for next year…


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