The easiest kid-friendly bread recipe ever!

This week, I volunteered to make bread with my daughter’s class. I am no gourmet chef and, actually, I couldn’t be further from one. Nevertheless, I offered to help out, because I know how important it is for my daughter that I participate in school life. My other children don’t seem too bothered about it, but my daughter often asks me to.

Now, all I know or, should I say, all I knew about making bread was that I would need flour. The class mum sent me the recipe the day before. When I read it, I was really relieved to see that the process looked quite easy. All I needed to bring were 3 ingredients: flour, yeast and salt. It turned out to be as simple as it looked, and the kids really enjoyed making the bread.

Believe it or not, I am considering making it again at home this weekend, with the rest of the family. That’s how easy it was.

Here is the recipe in case you’d like to try your hand at it too.

Bread  recipe


  1. Put 1kg of flour in bowl (save a little for later).
  2. Add 1/2 teaspoon salt.
  3. Put a small packet of yeast in warm water (1/2 glass). Mix and leave it until it bubbles.
  4. Make a “well” in the flour and pour yeast mixture in.
  5. Add water slowly. Mix carefully until dough is formed.
  6. Knead.
  7. Leave to rise, covered. (Put a small piece of dough in a glass of cold water. When it rises, the dough is ready.)
  8. Knead again.
  9. Shape dough.
  10. Bake, until it looks crusty and golden.
  11. Enjoy!






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