Top 10 Presents – 4-year-old Boys

1. KAPLA blocks – these wooden blocks have been designed following a precise ratio that makes them perfect to build both simple and more complicated structures. These wooden blocks are a great and lasting investment. All my kids enjoy playing with them, since you can make quite sophisticated structures. (See main photo above).

2. Large toy utility vehicles

3. Playmobil – makes various themed collections (Country, City Action…) ranging from vehicles to farms with animals. You can also buy the people individually which is practical.

4. Wooden Brio train set – I love wooden toys because they last longer and can be passed down from one child to another. There is also something nice about having your child play with natural materials like wood.

5. Robot pets – kids love taming their robotic cats, dogs or dinosaurs…

6. Kids’ tool kit

7. and 8. Scooter – if a little boy doesn’t already have a scooter then he needs one. It’s the quickest and most fun way for 4-year-olds to get around. Make sure to add a helmet for the scooter – an amusing, themed one can make a great present by itself.

9. Stuffed animals – a classic, I haven’t met any kids who aren’t happy to receive them.

10. Superhero characters – my favorites are the tiny Playskool versions, which are pocket-sized and perfect for traveling!



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