Practical Diaper Bag Packing

For some reason, on planes a baby’s digestive system gets a little “overexcited”. When my children were babies, they always had leaks and brown-alert spillovers from diapers. After many stressful nappy changes in claustrophobic airplane restrooms, searching frantically for wipes, extra diapers and clean outfits, I decided to get smarter about the way I packed my babies’ carry-on travel bag. I was fed up with searching and rummaging through every pocket of the diaper bag, and decided that it would be more practical to pack the contents of the diaper bags in zip lock bags.

In each zip lock bag, I would include an entire outfit (onesie, t-shirt, sweatshirt, leggings, and socks). To that, I added a small pack of baby wipes, antibacterial solution, two diapers and a little plastic bag for dirty diapers. Depending on the length of the trip, I would prepare two to four such bags. Therefore, when I needed to change the baby, I simply took out one of my pre-prepared bags, headed down the aisle to the restroom (with more confidence), and changed the baby using whatever item of clothing I needed. The dirty clothes got put into a nappy bag and tucked into the travel bag once I got back to my seat.

Next time I needed to change the baby, I took out my other, untouched, pre-prepared, zip lock bag and followed the same procedure. I didn’t have to worry about not having diapers and rushing down the aisle with an unhappy, half-dressed baby. Everything I needed was already included in the zip lock. Sure, packing four little bags does take a little more time, and I had to buy four of everything, which made the diaper bag a little heavier, but if it can help avoid extra hassle in an already uncomfortable situation, it is worth the preparation.

Extra Tip: If you want to be super-ready, then add an extra t-shirt  for yourself. You never know when you will get apple juice or any other liquid spilled all over you.


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