“Fairy Dust” Roses

At the end of my daughter’s ballet recital, the tradition is that the girls receive a rose or a little bouquet from the people they have invited to watch the show. Last year, my daughter had asked me if I could buy her these beautiful roses that had petals covered in sparkles. She had seen them at a florist, which, for the record, is not in our neighborhood. She is very organized and, for a year, she would remind me every so often, “Mom, please don’t forget those roses,” and of course, I would confirm that I had taken a mental note.

Needless to say that as the school year zoomed by, I found myself at the end of June, the day before my daughter’s show, with no sparkling roses! I called the florist an hour before it shut to reserve the flowers, but as can be expected they had run out. I felt really guilty that I would disappoint her by not being able to keep such a simple promise.

In moments of domestic panic, like many mothers I tend to get a little more creative, so I decided to make my own sparkling roses. I ran out to buy a few white roses at the local florist. I asked the saleswoman what would happened if I put glue on the petals and sprinkled them with glitter. She told me that this was probably one of the dumbest ideas she had heard all day and that the roses would not survive. Having nothing to lose, I took my flowers home and painted the tips of the petals with clear nail polish (I did take her advice about the glue). While the polish was still wet, I sprinkled pink glitter on them and waited for them to die…

But, to my astonishment, the roses survived and actually looked great. I even made extra ones to give to my niece, who was also performing. I am not sure that the girls were as excited as I was when I handed them their beautiful roses, which I named “Fairy Dust” roses.

“Fairy Dust” Roses Tip:

Roses, fairy dust (or glitter if you can’t get your hands on fairy dust) and clear nail polish.

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