Top 10 Presents – 7-year-old Girls

I asked my daughter what would be best birthday presents to take to a friend’s party.
Here are her TOP 10 suggestions:

  1. Beanie Boos – these stuffed animals with beady sparkling eyes range from tiny to huge.
  2. Glitzi Globes – kids make their own cute mini snow globes. You can never have enough of them, but, once you do you can wear them as rings or necklaces.
  3. Arts and crafts – a great option, which can include an origami kit, a pottery set, a kit for personalizing a bag, jewelry making, creating shampoo, just to name a few.
  4. Fairy doors – these adorable miniature doors are meant to be stuck on the wall. They come with glitter that the fairies spread around when they visit at night.
  5. Make-up set – this is a little tricky since many parents are not happy for their children to receive make-up… Although my daughter would love it, I personally am not crazy about the idea.
  6. Rollerblades – make sure to add the helmet, knee, elbow pads and wrist guards.
  7. Fidget spinners – every shape and style is now available. A themed one is always a good present.
  8. Lego – Stars Wars is usually a big hit, otherwise Minecraft-themed Lego, or DC Superhero Girls.
  9. Books – if you are not sure what book to get then find out what topic the child is learning at school and choose a book about that.
  10. Anything Barbie related.

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