I wasn’t planning on being the strict one 

It is funny how life shapes you into a person that you didn’t expect to be. I have never been a disciplined or strict person; I actually have the reputation of being pretty laid-back. Sweating the small stuff in life has never taken up too much of my time. Which is all fun and games until you begin co-parenting with somebody who surprises you by being even less strict.

My husband and I have very different characters. I could try to describe him, but it might take up this whole post. And if he were ever to read it, it could open a whole can of worms! Let’s just focus on the fact that we are different, while sharing the same vision for our family. The only problem is that we follow different paths to get there. When I feel that he is being too lax with the kids (like not correcting their table manners or telling them to tidy up after themselves), I step in and start nagging. Such a cliché! But so true… I try to rectify whatever needs fixing: “take your elbows off the table”, do this, do that. Being a nagger is such a bore to me, my kids and my husband. And in the long run it just annoys everybody.

So, what is the solution to minimize the nagging, yet maximize the effect of the nagging? I suppose it is to choose your battles. What is more important to you, table manners or tidiness? This is not the perfect solution, but it is what I have discovered so far. I also try to remember to step away from the “strict” persona to enjoy moments with the kids, be silly or do something fun. I guess I shouldn’t be—and don’t have to be—the strict one all the time…

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