Tick Tip

Tick Tip

Last summer, we spent a couple of weeks in the Hamptons. My husband and I rented a house close to a forest. I had been warned to check my children for ticks every evening, which is exactly what I did. On our last day, we took the baby out for lunch. She was dressed up in her pretty white summer dress, her hair was made up into two little buns with a big white bow. As we sat down, I saw what I thought was a piece of chocolate behind her ear. I leant in closer and it appeared to be a spider. But it was actually a tick! I saw its legs moving and, even as I write this I feel queasy remembering this creature (clearly not a huge bug lover…).

I must admit that I totally panicked. I got up from the table and started running down Main Street to the pharmacy to buy a pair of tweezers. It was at least a mile away. In the midst of my frenzy, I saw a hardware store and ran inside. I must have been in quite a state, because three salesmen rushed up to me. I explained to them what had happened and what I was looking for. Then one of the salesmen recommended I buy some tape along with the tweezers. He explained to me that I should keep the tick in transparent tape and have it tested for Lyme disease rather than having my baby tested. When you think about it, it makes a lot more sense to test the host rather than the child that can be incubating the disease for many weeks.

This was by far the best tick tip, I had ever received, and it is why I wanted to share this story. I sent the tick to a lab. Luckily it was not contaminated with Lyme. So, remember to stay calm and save the little beast for testing!

Tick tip – what you need:
– tweezers – tape – and send it out for testing!

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